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Firstly  - why Patreon

Patreon allows me to offer you, for a small monthly subscription (which you are not locked in to - you can cancel at any time),  access to my entire back catalogue of course material.

A subscription to Latinum is extremely good value for money. You can cheaply subscribe as a basic level patron, and later, if you don't find it useful, or no longer want to support Latinum, it is very easy to quit. 

It is also easy to upgrade to the higher tier later on if you want to download my audiobooks in zip format.

The Latinum Course is an online multi-level and multi-media Latin course, that has been growing steadily since Evan started creating it  in early 2007.

The core of the course is Adler's  Practical Grammar of the Latin Language - which took Evan der Millner  two years of full-time labour to produce as a stand-alone audio course - vastly expanding the material in an already comprehensive textbook of Latin. If you want to master Latin,  Adler's course as presented by Latinum is all that you will require.
Why an audio course for a dead language?

You need to 'fire on all cylinders' - and to speed up language learning, the dead language has to be treated - for learning purposes - as though it were indeed alive - to help you  make as many neural connections as possible. This must involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Few formal Latin courses spend much time on the latter two, which, to my mind, are the most important of the four, especially for a beginner. Also, classroom based language courses simply cannot provide the intensive exposure needed, and the hours of tuition required, to master a language quickly.

What do you get if you become a patron of Latinum? Every patron can freely access and stream  hundreds of hours of a growing corpus of Latin audiobooks and learning materials, either here on the Patreon website, or by using Patreon's Apple or Android app. 

Higher reward tier patrons can also  download a large catalogue of audiobooks and other materials as zip files. I have also curated a selection of my YouTube materials - including my 'Latin in Latin' Course, and the 'London Latin Course', both of which I recommend you use alongside Adler



Including Adler, Comenius * Nepos * Caesar * D'Ooge * Sterling * Aesop * Holy Bible * Latin Mass * Catullus * Coleridge * Collar * Corderius * Erasmus * Eutropius * Maxey * Nutting * Pexenfelder * Songs * Sonnenschein * Appleton * Scott and more...   

The  Download Catalogue has recordings split into manageable chapter or unit sized mp3 files, for offline listening. These include Adler * Cannon's Caesar * Taylor's Caesar * Coleridge * Comenius *Nepos * D'Ooge * Maxey * Nutting * Sonnenschein and more 

Individual products are also available for purchase as downloads onLatinum's Payloadz E-Store.
A selected number of items are still available in DVD format on Latinum's e-store at Kunaki.



You Tube Catalogue: Selected videos and playlists Latinum's YouTube Channel


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