Locutorium Latinum Latin Language Chatroom

Salvete et Vos Consodales,

The new Locutorium on Skype was set up in January 2016, and has it appears filled a void, as membership has jumped rapidly. The text chatroom is active 24/7, with comparatively few silent patches during the day.

It is easy to start a voice chat, by clicking on someone's name from the list of participants at the top of the page - those with a green tick, are online, and available.

Join up!

Si per SKYPEN (Skype) confabulari vis, habemus LOCUTORIUM LATINUM apud Skype, et possis illic confabulari per litteras, picturas ad alios emittere, et viva voce quoque sermonem habere.

Junge Te!
Ecce vinculum ad gregem:

Vinculum ad gregem invenies apud Schola in 'tab' sub nomine "SKYPE"

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