Cornelia by Mima Maxey

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Cornelia by Mima Maxey
2 hours 23 minutes of audio

This novella is written in simple Latin, and would be suitable for an intermediate student. It is set in America. The vocabulary and general subject matter appears to be setting up a structure for reading Caesar - however, the story stands on its own merits.


  1. I found this earlier on and am very pleased and excited to find Evan's done an audio version!
    I love this book, though it's odd to be reading about Americans instead of Roman schoolboys or sailors giving roses to farmers' daughters. It's perfect for those of us just beginning our Latin journey. It begins at a very simple level, but becomes more demanding as it progresses.
    Thanks very much Mr. Millner, for the tremendous amount of work you've put into producing these audio resources. I've found them to be extremely helpful. I hope to improve my Latin quickly so I can take advantage of some of the more difficult recordings you've made!

  2. Lingua Latina is in the style of Maxey's Cornelia, but Maxey adds vocabulary and new forms at a much slower pace (it's easier reading). And Maxey's Primer uses the same vocabulary and forms so you can read them together.
    Other readers in this style are "Julia" and "Camilla" by Maud Reed