Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum

'Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum'  Edition 6 Feb 2012.

The Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum was originally created in 2007 for Molendinarius' personal use - it is an illustrated vocabulary of over 3300 items, and has its core source  a nineteeenth century word list covering a selection of topics. This has been supplemented with more modern material drawn from a variety of lexical sources. The included image files cover the following topics: army, birds, boats, the body , buildings, clothes, Comenius (illustrated phrases from the Orbis Sensualium Pictus), containers, education, entertainments, fabrics, farming, foods, fruits, furniture, geography, geology, insects, law, mammals, marine life, measurements, money, plants, religion, reptiles, science, society, speech, sport, time, tools, tradesmen, vehicles, verbs, weather. The idea for creating this resource came from 'The Green Book of Language Revitalization in Practice'.(These image files include labelled photos of all body parts - so, please look over this material before use with a young student. You can easily delete or move an image elsewhere, or create subcategories, once you have downloaded them). Turn them into a slideshow as a fun way to learn vocabulary.

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